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You can read off the tire size on the sidewall of the tires or read the operating instructions for your vehicle.


Tested For Your Safety

Tested For Your Safety

Tested For Your Safety

Setting standards in standards.

Before any Continental innovation goes into production, it is tested intensively. Established and all new test methods guarantee everyday suitability. Continental uses and developes more and more advanced testing measuring technology to deliver matured and optimized products.

We test for your safety – around the world.

Throughout the year, we show time and time again that there are no limits to our tire testing at our test sites in the USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain and, last but not least, on our in-house track near Hanover, the Contidrom – which is also a sought-after reference track for independent experts.

Each one of our winter and summer tires from all over the world is thus tested under all kinds of weather and road surface conditions. It goes without saying that this all takes place using the most modern testing methods and measuring technology.

140,000 tires alone are tested each year on a total 200 million kilometres. An international team of professional test drivers perform over 67,000 ests – and circle the world 500 times before an innovation is approved. This way, Continental ensures to deliver only the safest, most comfortable and reliable mobility solutions.

The first fully automated tire-testing system from Continental.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year: with the AIBA (Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer), Continental takes tire testing to a new level. Through a fully automated process in the Contidrom hall, an unmanned test vehicle accelerates to speeds of up to 120 km/h and then brakes on interchangeable, hydraulically powered road surfaces with standardized pads. Tests can be conducted year-round on wet and dry road surfaces and in a separate ice lane. While the tests are conducted irrespective of weather conditions, Continental is able to offer the world’s most accurate braking testing procedure and to improve reproducibility by 70%. So you can rest assured that your tires will offer excellent braking performance regardless of the weather you’re driving in.