You feel secure realizing you can always count on your tires. The new SportContact 7 was created to give you the confidence that you can push the envelope even further in order to fully enjoy the highest level of driving pleasure.

  • • Instills confidence in you through safe and stable driving behavior on wet and dry surfaces.
  • • For long-lasting, next-level driving pleasure, the perfect balance of extra-soft BlackChili compound and extra-stiff pattern.
  • • Designed specifically for various vehicle classes to give you the SportContact 7 sensation.

Everything in the automotive industry is changing, including the electric engines that drive our cars and the performance tires we use. Thus, we must also change the way we drive. In this video series, Nico Rosberg demonstrates how to operate an electric vehicle expertly so that you can confidently navigate the road ahead with the help of the SportContact 7.


Did you know that electric cars weigh more than those with internal combustion engines? It is real. It's crucial to understand this because it has an impact on how we drive, particularly when it comes to accelerating. But don't worry, there is a way to accelerate quickly in an electric car. You ask, what is it? To learn more, you'll have to watch this episode of 'Driving electric like a pro.'


The majority of experienced drivers are aware that you must brake to the desired speed before turning. No one wants to brake suddenly and run the risk of their car skidding out of control, so this is for safety reasons. What transpires, though, if you're driving an electric vehicle? In this episode of 'Driving electric like a pro,' Nico Rosberg doesn't hold back when explaining how to turn, and it all revolves around the letter V.


Nico Rosberg takes our panel of seven experts around the track as they provide more information.

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What does driving the 'perfect line' mean? It is the fictitious path a car would take when turning or traveling straight down a road. It is not the shortest path around a turn, but one that reduces the amount of time spent in the turn while increasing speed through it. Is that clear? Additionally, it has a lot to do with braking, sharp turns, and thrilling corners. Nico Rosberg, a professional driver, will be the one to explain how to achieve the ideal line in an electric vehicle equipped with SportContact 7 tires.


Braking in any car is one of the riskier elements of driving. You don’t want to brake too hard when driving around town, but rather brake to give yourself enough distance to slowly and smoothly bring the car to a complete stop. But if you are on the racetrack and your electric car is equipped with SportContact 7 tires, then it’s a different story. Watch the next episode as Nico teaches us how to explore the limits of braking safely.


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