General Automotive Services Co.

General Automotive Services Co. - Bahrain, the authorized distributor for Continental Tires in Bahrain.

General Automotive Services Co., Bahrain is a leading distributor of prominent brands of tyres, batteries, lubricants and rubber products, providing professional services via a network of service centres, which cater for the unique needs of customers throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In addition, fleet management, core filling and rubber product solutions, cater for the specific needs of customers.

The company is the sole importer and distributor the following brands

  • Consumer and Commercial Tyres: Continental, General Tire, Fulda, Sava, Infinity, Eternity
  • Industrial Tyres: Trelleborg, ATG Galaxy, and TVS Eurogrip
  • Batteries: Emtrac Plus, Infinity
  • Lubricants: Eneos

General Automotive Services Co., Bahrain was established in 2006 and is a subsidiary of Gulf Tyre & Rubber Holding Co based in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

To be the preferred choice of customers, winning their trust and exceeding their expectations, consistently supplying quality products and providing exceptional services.


Our Culture

  • We seek to enhance and protect our good reputation, recognizing that our people are the building blocks of our reputation, and the essential ingredient of our business.
  • Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through the provision of superior services. As such we take great pride in the professional quality of our work.
  • We have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.
  • Through our spirit of excellence, we are dedicated to maintaining high standards, recognizing that our continued success depends upon unswerving adherence to these standards.
  • We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. While recognizing that the old way may still be the best way, we constantly strive to find solutions that best meet our client's needs.
  • Although our activities are measured in millions of dollars, we select the members of our team one by one, understanding that without the best people, we cannot excel.
  • Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We maintain high ethical standards in everything we do, both in our professional and our personal lives.


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General Automotive Services Co.

General Automotive Services Co., Bahrain,

P.O. Box 75036 - Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain

Tyre Service Centres

Sitra Highway---------17456131


Hamad Town ----------17550297

Sitra Industrial Area--17456991

 +971 4 339 4230

 +973 31 773 5607