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Here Is A Must Read If You Plan On Taking Your Pet On A Trip

Pet On A Trip

Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, owning a pet demands certain lifestyle changes. Your furry friends are dependent on you for food, shelter and affection. A lot of pet owners find themselves in a difficult spot when they need to travel. While some leave their pets with friends and family, others go as far as hiring pet sitters to make sure they receive the needed care and attention. 

Why leave your pets behind in the first place when you can take them with you on your leisure trips? After all, your four-legged friends are part of your family and family should always stick together. 

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a safe and smooth trip with your pets.

Keep a Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

Unless you have a military or police dog that has been disciplined and trained to stay in one place when commanded, it’s advisable that you carry a well ventilated pet container with you. The last thing you want is for your pet to jump all over the car distracting you from the road which could endanger yours and so many other lives. 

Make sure that the container is big enough for your furry friend to easily stand, sit or turn around. A word of advice, get your pet used to the container at home so it doesn’t have problems adjusting later. It’s a good idea to get your pet geared up for the long trip by taking it on short drives prior to your long trip, increasing the distance each time. 

Don’t Forget To Pack The Essentials

Don’t Forget To Pack The Essentials

The idea of traveling with your pet sure sounds great but it could turn out to be a huge mistake if you are not well prepared. You might know everything you are going to need on the road for yourself but your pet does not know any better and so you are also responsible for packing all the essentials your pet would be needing on the journey.

From poop bags to a leash and some toys, make a list of everything you are going to need for your pet to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything. Here is a generic list of some basic essentials that you may consider packing:

  • Dog food
  • Flea & Ticks spray 
  • Water 
  • Bed & pillow

You could either carry a separate bed for your pet or you could make the most of your limited space and be resourceful by making a pet bed from your spare tyre. All you need is a soft blanket that you can lay over the tyre whenever you want to transform it into a cozy bed for your furry friend.

Never Leave Your Pet Locked In A Vehicle 

Pet Locked In A Vehicle

As much as we might like it, we cannot have our pet by our side all the time. Whether you need to make a quick stop at a grocery store that has no pets policy or go out to book a motel room, make sure that your pet is either accompanied by someone inside the car or you take them outside with you instead of leaving them in a parked car that can turn into a furnace within minutes.  

Don’t Let Your Pet Stick Its Head Out The Window

Pet Stick Its Head Out The Window

We have all seen pictures of dogs and cats enjoying car rides with their head sticking outside the window but that doesn’t mean it’s safe to do so. When you are driving at the highway speeds, even a small flying object can cause a serious injury. So, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Carry The Essential Ids And Vaccination Documents

Essential Ids And Vaccination Documents

It is one thing to walk your pet out on the road but taking it on a long tour requires proper preparations which also includes documentation and vaccination records. Some of the tourist spots that you plan on exploring might require the relevant documentation so it’s always a good idea to carry them with you when you go on a tour with your pet.

If you plan on staying in a hotel then make sure you go through its pet policy to arrange for any special documentation or accessories required before leaving.